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htm B12 che/electrolysis. htmcopper Electrochemistry Metals and Alloys etal Plastic and Rubber Addition Polymerization Condensation Polymerization olymerPlanet/Polymers/PolymerTutorial. htm Plastic RubberCourse Name : DIPLOMA IN FABRICATION TECHNOLOGY and ERECTION ENGINEERING Course Code : AE/CE/CH/CM/CO/CR/CS/CW/DE/EE/EP/IF/EJ/EN/ET/EV/EX/IC/IE/IS/ ME/MU/PG/PT/PS/CD/CV/ED/EI/FE/IU/MH/MI/FG/EU Semester : FirstSubject Title : Basic Mathematics Subject Code : 17104 Teaching and Examination Scheme: Teaching Scheme TH 04 Notes: Two exams each of 25 marks to be carried out as per matlab agenda given by MSBTE. Total of checks marks for all conception matters are to be transformed out of fifty and to be entered in mark sheet under matlab head Sessional Work SW. Rationale: Mathematics is matlab basis of science and generation. The look at of fundamental mathematics is helpful to take into account ideas of Engineering. 4 1. 1 MRP, closed loop MRP and MRP II . 4 1. 2 Just In Time . 6 2. JIT Implementation . 5188 and its maximum affect on task time having RSIS of 0. 5527. “Design variations required by clients” was found out to have high affect on both time and cost having RSIS of 0. 5474 and nil. 5322 respectively. The findings of this study will be positive not only to contractors but additionally experts and policy makers in matlab building industry in managing building risks thereby getting better assignment beginning in Kenya.